Structure of the practice report

In general, if the institution has not put forward any of its requirements, the structure of the practice report is as follows: The title page, which is drawn up according to all rules. Usually on the title page the following information is indicated: the name of the educational institution and specialties, the topic and type of the report on the practice, the name and initials of the teacher checking the report and the student performing it, the name of the group in which the student is studying, the name of the enterprise where the practical classes take place , The city where the school is located and the year of writing the practice report Contents with section numbering. Introduction, which indicates the goals and objectives of practical training. They are, as a rule, already given in the guidelines for writing a report. In addition, the introduction indicates the expected result of the practice. Main part. This section must necessarily be divided into theoretical and practical part. In addition, the theoretical part should be divided into sections, and practical – as far as the discretion of the educational institution. In this part, all calculations are made, the activities of the enterprise are described, all necessary information about the organizational structure is described, analysis and comparative characteristics are analyzed. The conclusion is perhaps the main section of the practice report. The conclusion includes all the conclusions made by the student during the practical training. Immediately an evaluation of their own work is given, and the efforts made are adequately assessed. In addition, in the conclusion it is necessary to give your recommendations concerning the improvement of the professional activity of the enterprise. Applications are the last structural section of the report. This is all sorts of data, which can be referenced from the main part of the report. The application is not numbered. This is mainly different documentation, interviews, extracts from the legislation and other useful information. Of course, reports on different types of practice differ among themselves, albeit insignificantly.

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